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Photo by Thomas Borberg

David Adler was accepted into the prestigious National Film School of Denmark after having attended the Visual Arts & Design program at the Vancouver Film School.


Latest work is the companion piece TASTE OF HUNGER VR(2020), co-produced with Zentropa and selected for completion at Venice Film Festival. 


Adler’s movies are most often rooted in particular historical periods or events. His first major student production HVID (WHITE) was a tale of patricide during the era of the great polar expeditions. SORT (No Man's Land) was, just as his award-winning game “1916 – DER UBEKANNTE KRIEG”, inspired by a young soldiers journal from the trenches of the First World War. 


During his time at the National Film School of Denmark, Adler has developed his own style to work with mixed techniques. This combined with a strong conviction that the medium contains a much greater potential than its most commonly used for.


  • 2021 - Director of VR experience - SHADOW / SKYGGEN

  • 2021 - Director of VR experience - End of Night, Makropol and Novelab 

  • 2021 (In development) - Director of VR experience - T​he Shadow ​VR companion piece to the feature film Skyggen [The Shadow] directed by Ole Bornedal, Miso film / Makropol  

  • 2020 - Director of VR experience - Taste of Hunger​–VR companion piece to the feature film Smagen af Sult ​[TasteofHunger] directed by Christoffer Boe, Zentropa Productions and  Makropol 

  • 2014 - Animation Director - Sort ​[​No Man’s Land​], Diploma film - The Danish Film School 

  • 2012 - Animation Director - Hvid​ [​White​] - Semester film - The Danish Film School Department of Animation Direction

2011 - Game Director - 1916 Der Unbekannte Krieg - DADIU [The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment]

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